A selection of coffees directly from farmers in Colombia

Is Blockchain the Technology of the future for coffee?

Before the coffee ends up in your cup, it has been on a long journey. There are many persons who play a role in the coffee value chain, and it can therefore be difficult to ensure how the coffee has been made.
With Blockchain technology, we create a network of the persons who take part in the coffee's journey from sprout to cup. This allows the people involved to easily exchange data about the coffee, which makes both the process more efficient and transparent.

In recent years, we have taken part in a research project with the COWI Foundation, the University of Copenhagen, the University of IT and Chalmers University of Technology, where we have investigated how Blockchain technology can contribute to sustainable change.
The result is a series of limited edition special coffees, which provide a unique insight into the origins of coffee. These coffees are equipped with a QR code that you can scan, thereby track the exact coffee back to the coffee farmer who picked it.



Here you can meet the six farmers who participated in our Blockchain study.
If you click on their picture, you will be able to purchase their coffee

Alonso de Jesus Ramirez Calle

Carlos Mauricio Correa Heliconia

Edwin David Bedoya Ramirez



Duber Alexander Bedoya

Luz Marina Calle

Rosa Ines Ramirez Ochoa


Blockchain is a specific type of database, managed and fed by a decentralised network of distributed ledger technologies

Impossible to change data in a block without changing the hash. Due to the sequential link the following blocks would become invalid.

Relatively seamless exchange of data within a network, increasing efficiency, security, and transparency.